What Our Customers Say

I was so much delighted with their arrangement of dried flowers bouquet! My Mom ordered the bouquet for my birthday. She said that they really pay attention to request details and execute them perfectly well!


First time to order from this shop. Me and my mom love the flower arrangement, and truly affordable to brighten someone's day with flowers. They are really responsive with inquiries through messenger as well. Definitely will not be the last time I'll order from them. ☺️

Pamela Joyce K.

If you're looking for a highly affordable yet extremely beautiful flower bouquet, Le Petit Bouquet Manille is the go to shop. Flowers are for everything.

RL Rivera R.

higly recommended. So beautifully made, unique and very affordable. more power po to your business 💯 ♥️

Grace M.

Flowers dont need to be costly, super recommending this store. Hoping for the best to your online business sir and mam, thank you! She liked the mini bouquets very much! 🙏💚

Joseph M.

Thank you sir! It was nice meeting you earlier. Keep it up! ❤️ BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGEMENT FOR A VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE! Highly recommended 👍🏼

AN Die

Their flowers are beautiful and affordable! Mr. MJ is very kind and cool! He helped me choose the best flower! Good luck to your business and wish you more customers to buy the flowers

Asha-Ariane P.

The bouquet looks so pretty and very unique! Price may be cheap but the quality definitely doesn't show it. Will surely make another purchase in the future. 😀

Augustus J.

Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.” Love the color combination, attractive and affordable.

Ehya Cillan R.

Very accommodating and professional ❤️ Thank you for this that make my wife happy (see the pics) 🙂 will order again 🙂

Yu Gie

very nice flowers @ very affordable price..

Lecur M.

Very Affordable Fresh Flowers ❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️💐❤️

Jessica M.

💐nice and affordable flowers!

Jhanice B.

Inspiring stories behind Flowers

Andy H.

❤ a flower shop that’s perfect for people who still wants to make an effort kahit kapos sa budget!! ❤ love the mission of the shop!

Kristin S.

Affordable pero sobrang ganda ng quality. Plus responsive pa sila, madaling kausap and sobrang bait din. Lahat ng possible requests if kaya nila they will accommodate. Thank you so much po til our next transaction. 💜💜💜

Fria N.

Accommodating and affordable! Thank you Le Petit Bouquet Manille. 💕

Melissa B.

I love the concept 💗💗 more power and blessings

Robert B.